Total Customer Satisfaction & Complete Peace Of Mind


All Ovenproud™ call-outs follow our trademarked 7 Step Process™. Our process ensures that all of our clients know exactly what to expect before we get to work. This includes precisely what the job will consist of, exactly how much the job is going to cost based on an on-site diagnosis and finally approximately how long it’s going to take. All jobs are then inspected by the client before sign-off & payment, to ensure total customer satisfaction and complete peace of mind!


A Unique Process & Amazing Results


Step 1: Diagnosis & price confirmation.

We inspect your oven to identify any preexisting cosmetic or mechanical issues, such as dents, scuffs, fading decals, defective seals, rattling fans or non-functioning elements for example. We also confirm what work we will carry out on the appliance(s), approximately how long the job is going to take and what the final price will be.

Step 2: Work-space preparation & protection.

We prepare the area around your appliances by laying out protective sheets and absorbent mats, to avoid getting your floors and cabinets dirty during the cleaning of your appliance(s).

Step 3: Deep-cleaning of appliance 

We deep-clean your appliance using a unique combination of know-how, tools and products. The removable parts of your appliance(s) (e.g. trays, racks, fans, back-plates, doors, pan supports, burners…) are disassembled and cleaned with the help of our van-mounted heated dip tank. Parts which cannot be removed such as the actual oven chamber are also cleaned, de-greased and polished. Once all of the parts of your appliance(s) are cleaned, the appliance(s) is then re-assembled.


Step 4: Optional replacement of seals, bulbs, filters

With your permission, we proceed to the replacement of damaged oven seals (generally need to be ordered in advance), blown oven bulbs or soiled extractor filters for example. NB: This is optional and charged in addition to the cleaning service.


Step 5: Appliance inspection with client 

Once the deep-cleaning is over, and any optional minor repairs have been carried out, we invite you to inspect the cleanliness of the appliance and that we have delivered the work agreed. We also ask you to please check and confirm that your appliance functions as it did before our intervention and that the appliance wasn’t damaged during the cleaning process.


Step 5: Work-space tidy-up & sign-off

Once you are satisfied with our work, we then proceed to tidying up the work-space. We remove the protective cover and absorbent mats and ensure that no debris is left on your floor or neighboring cupboards or appliances. We then ask you to formally sign off on the job to accept delivery.


Step 7: Payment & issuance of invoice

All work carried out is due for payment on the day, before we depart from your property. We accept cash as well as payment by card. Once your payment is received we issue you with an invoice detailing the work carried out, the date and the amount paid.

Please note: we do not provide credit or payment in installments.