Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Ovenproud™ also provides commercial kitchen cleaning & sanitisation services across the Republic of Ireland. We can professionally and effectively deep-clean all types of commercial kitchens.

  • Restaurant kitchens.
  • Take-away kitchens.
  • Hotel kitchens.
  • Pub kitchens.
  • Factory & office cantines.
  • Industrial kitchens.
  • Nursing home kitchens.
  • School kitchens.
  • Mobile catering trailers.
  • Etc.

In particular, we understand that maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is imperative to meeting Ireland’s strict health & safety standards.

We also understand that a build up of grease in your kitchen extractor filters and canopy poses a fire-hazard. It can also impair the proper functioning of your extractor, potentially shortening its lifespan. It’s therefore imperative to regularly have your kitchen professionally cleaned.

Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, the type of appliances present, the type of surfaces present, how dirty your kitchen is and what your specific requirements are, we will chose the appropriate tools and techniques to leave your kitchen immaculate.

In certain cases the use of steam cleaners is the method of choice. In other cases, we select specially formulated chemicals designed to clean heavily soiled kitchens. We also frequently employ a combination of the above to clean, degrease, sanitize and/or polish your surfaces and appliances.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Extractor filter & canopy cleaning.
  • Kitchen wall & back-splash cleaning.
  • Pipe-work cleaning.
  • Hard floor cleaning.
  • Hard-surface cleaning.
  • Work-top cleaning.
  • Sink cleaning.
  • Cooking appliance cleaning (fryers, ovens, ranges, griddles bain-maries etc.)
  • Refrigerator & freezer cleaning (including walk-in refrigerators & freezers).
  • Dish-washer cleaning.
  • Storeroom cleaning.

All cleaning jobs are carried when it is most convenient to you. In most cases, this means when your kitchens are closed, at night. Generally, we can carry out the entire cleaning project in one night. For larger jobs, or jobs where kitchens are open 24/7, we may require to split the project into sections which we will clean over a number of consecutive days. 

Once all cleaning projects are completed, we deliver a report as well as a certificate. These documents list out precisely what work has been done, when it was done, which products were used and where and confirm to your staff, clients and stakeholders that you had your kitchens professionally deep-cleaned.

All projects are discussed in detail with the client and always supervised by Andy, the business owner. We also tailor all projects to our client’s specific needs, to ensure that they are fully in control of the scope, costs and timing of the project.

Please feel free to message us for further details. Alternately, you can call Glen directly on xxx for a free, non-binding consultation. Thank you.